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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

How many times should the Heart beating a minute?

Can you tell how many times a heart beats in a minute? Or how often should it be beaten?

Any idea how many times a healthy heart beats in simple words?
If not, know that in adults, the rate of heart rate between 60 and 100 is considered normal.
According to the US Mayo Clinic, generally slower heart rate is a sign of effective functioning of the heart and good arteries.
For example, a trained athlete's heart rate can be 40 minutes per calm state.
Simply place 2 fingers on the pulse or place the martyr and the other three fingers on the side of the narrower to determine your heart rate.
When the pulse is felt, count the beat number for 15 seconds and then multiply it by 4 and you will know how many times the heart beats per minute.
Well now smartphones also have apps that help you to know the heart rate per minute very easily.
Many factors also affect heart rate such as age, fitness and physical activity, smoking habits, diabetes or cholesterol disease, hot weather, body position, emotions, body size and medications.
If your heartbeat is abnormally high or low, it may also indicate a problem.
If the heart rate is consistently longer than 100 minutes or less than 60 in rest and you have other symptoms such as nausea, difficulty breathing or feeling of drowsiness, consult your doctor immediately.

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